Seaford Martello WI

Where we meet

St Leonard’s Church Hall, Church Street, Seaford, BN25 1HG

When to come along

2nd Thursday of every month at 7.30 pm
“The Seven Sisters from Seaford Head”  Photo by Diana Barrett

Magnificent Sussex by the Sea a wonderful place to be
The green rolling downs of hills and mounds
That marvellous view of the sea so blue
The busy traffic of boats afloat
The fluffy clouds in the sky so high
The lambs and sheep the sound of their bleat
The rabbits a scurry all in a hurry
What a picture this beautiful mixture
At the end of the day watch the wonderful way
The sun sets in the sky as with a gleam in our eye we say goodbye

What we do

New members and visitors always welcome.

Seaford Martello WI meetings
12 January 2017Lewes Tapestry
Sally Blake
9 FebruaryMakeup/Massage
9 MarchGames Evening
Sandwiches & Cakes
13 AprilQuirky Sussex
Kevin Gordon
11 MayResolutions Meeting
Fun & Games
8 JuneRetired Greyhound Trust
Chris Osman
10 JuneSummer Fayre
Venue & Time TBA
13 JulyWriting about 'The Archers'
Beth Miller PhD
10 AugustSummer Party /Trip
venue to be arranged
14 SeptemberScarf Tying
Michaele Wynn-Jones
12 OctoberServ Bloodrunners
Captain Anthony 'Frank' De Vanney
Master Mariner, Retired
9 NovemberAnnual Meeting
14 DecemberChristmas Party - venue TBA



I am the Secretary of Martello W.I.
I suspect I will be doing it until the day I die!
I don’t have a computer, so it’s all here in a book.
And if you don’t believe me, you can come and have a look!
I wish I were more tidy – I’m always in a mess.
My paperwork gets everywhere – but then it’s in excess!
I’ll keep on trying harder to keep it all in place.
Or otherwise the problem is, I’ll just run out of space!
I know this is all trivial, but I don’t do things by half!
Annual Meetings can be boring, so I thought I’d make you laugh!

Olive Jackson Secretary 2007


I can’t believe twelve months have passed since I wrote my last report
Time flies by oh so quickly, but guess what I have bought!
A brand new Dell computer, a lap top don’t you know!
I wish that I could use it, but my brain don’t want to know!
My grandchildren all love it – and they use it quite a lot.
There’s Face-Book, You-Tube M.S.N. but I’ve really lost the plot!
Luke likes playing war games and Lucy loves to “paint”
But when it comes to my turn, an expert I just ain’t!
The printer was a mystery. It came without a lead!
But after that was sorted out, the paper wouldn’t feed!
Then it started doing the most peculiar things.
My poor old brain gets so confused, it runs me round in rings!
SO! The moral of this story is, If you’re getting on in years!!
Stick to what you really know, or you’ll just end up in tears!

Olive Jackson Secretary 2008


The Annual Meeting’s here again
And here I am once more!
I’ve tried to keep this short and sweet
I don’t want to be a bore!
I thought about resigning
And then I changed my mind.
The problem is that Secretaries
Are very hard to find!
My battle with my laptop
Continues to this day.
My Granddaughter says I am thick
So what more can I say!
When Cora sends me E-mails
I have to ring my son.
I watch him very carefully
To see how it is done!
But when I’m on my ownsome
With no grandchild or pet (aah)
Everything that I have learnt
I quickly soon forget!
But one day I may master it
And one day pigs might fly!
But one thing I can always say
At least I had a try!

Olive Jackson
Secretary Seaford Martello WI October 2009