East Sussex Federation

Westfield WI

Where we meet

Parish Hall, Vicarage Lane, Westfield, TN35 4SD

When to come along

2nd Friday of every month at 2.15pm from September

What we do

New members and visitors always welcome.

Westfield enjoyed good food, singing a quiz and a sketch at our Christmas party.
Val and Tricia entertained us with a very funny sketch, Julie provided a quiz based on Christmas songs and Janice played her keyboard while we sang carols and Christmas songs.
There was a home made Christmas hat competition which was won by Christine.

The shortbread tree pictured was made by Margaret and was a very tricky construction, well done.
We all had lovely afternoon .

Himalayan 100 challenge

One of Westfield WI’s members Sylvia Huggett embarked on a physical challenge recently. Sylvia entered The Himalayan 100 which is a demanding trek covering 100 miles over 5 day’s. There were early starts and temperatures ranging between 20-50F overnight and 50-70F during the day. On one occasion there was no running water and wet wipes were used for washing etc. It was also extremely cold, the thermal sleeping bag was an essential item.
Sylvia had to cope with altitudes of around 10,000ft whilst funding 24 miles in a day. Another day they had to complete the Mount Everest challenge marathon 26.4 miles which involved some downhill running.
The event was not without risk as one team member fell down a cliff but was fortunately saved by a tree.
There were 59 people at the start but only 30 finished. Sylvia was one of the 30 and received a medal, plaque and T.shirt for completing the whole course.
St Michaels Hospice will benefit from the money Sylvia raised from sponsorship.

Westfield WI enjoyed a summer lunch at ‘The Wild Mushroom ‘ Westfield last week.
It was a beautiful summers day and we enjoyed delicious food, together with good company.

Westfield WI enjoyed a lovely strawberry tea for our June meeting, where our craft group displayed this colourful knitted quilt. The quilt will be donated to a local homeless charity where we hope it will benefit those in need.

Our entry into the Westfield Church Christmas tree festival.
Our entry into the Westfield church Christmas tree festival.
Summer Lunch at Leeford Place
Summer Lunch at Leeford Place

Westfield WI had an enjoyable summer lunch at Leeford Place. The sun shone and we were able to sit in the garden after our meal to continue chatting.

At the Village Fete
At the Village Fete

In June Westfield W.I had a table at the village fete filled with bric a brac for sale. We also provided lots of yummy cakes for people to eat with their cups of tea.
We had a lovely afternoon and the sun shone until almost the end when the rain started. This sped up the big clear up of tables etc.

Members modelling garments
Members modelling garments

On 17th May Westfield held a fashion show with the kind people from Bonmarche in Hastings.
Bonmarche came along with a selection of garments for everyone to see, with the option to purchase on the day or place orders.
Some of our members modelled a selection of garments which was great fun as you can see by the photo.
The event raised £100.00 for the Sara Lee Trust.

Joanna with Mr Paget
Joanna with Mr Paget

For our March meeting we had a very interesting talk by Edward Paget.

The subject was ‘Pearly Kings and Queens of London’. Mr Paget told how the organisation started over 100 years ago. He also explained the meaning of some of the designs made from the pearl buttons on their clothes. For example letter on the top right of the chest depicts which group they belong to ie: W = Whitechapel. The Pearly organisation also raises money for several charities by entertaining or giving talks. Mr Paget set a competition, we had to guess how many buttons were sewn onto his costume,the person with the closest guess won a prize. ( I won’t give the amount as you may have invited him to talk). The picture shows Mr Paget with Joanna our member who had the closest amount.