East Sussex Federation

Westham Evening WI

Village Hall, Westham, BN24 5HE

When to come along

4th Thursday of every month at 7.30 pm

What we do

In addition to our monthly meetings we have the following groups: craft, scrabble, book club, solos, knitter knatter, cake club & night owls. Please contact us for further details or come along to the next meeting.

President Mrs Una Genty
Secretary Mrs M Bayne Email: secretarywesthameveningwi@yahoo.com

Treasurer Mrs J. Johnson

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Westham Evening WI Events

Westham Evening WI enjoyed a double celebration at their March Meeting -their 57th Birthday and member Barbara Willis’s 90th birthday.

Barbara Willis

Katharine Collett with President Una Genty

Soprano Entertainer Katharine Collett, dressed in period costume, gave a Cabaret style talk on “Downton Revisited” with its Edwardian entertaining, illustrated with songs from the era. She selected Rosemary Drysdale with her voluptuous wide brimmed hat, complete with feather, bow and flowers, as the winner of the “Edwardian Hat” competition.

Barbara cut the birthday cake before members and guests enjoyed one of the finest of British traditions – Afternoon Tea. Selections of finely cut sandwiches, homemade scones and a sumptuous range of cakes on fine china tiered stands, together with generous pots of tea, to be found on every table.

Members and guests in Edwardian Costume

Westham Evening WI Garden Club

Carpets of snowdrops surrounded the tiny Village of Southease and nowhere more than the churchyard. Nestling in the Ouse Valley in the South Downs National Park is the Church of St Peter with its unusual 12th Century Round Tower (one of only 3 in Sussex). After a coffee stop at Kingston Garden Centre, the Church and its snowdrops were the destination for the WI Garden Club.

January meeting

An impressive display of beautiful items created by the monthly Craft Group.
Members share their own particular craft knowledge or a visiting tutor will take the session.
Like to learn something new this year? Come along to one of the meetings. You will be very welcome. The date, time and venue can be found on the Social Calendar or contact us.

Christmas Coffee Morning

Christmas Coffee Morning

A warm welcome, hot refreshments and a myriad of inviting stalls waited to tempt visitors at Westham Evening WI’s recent Christmas coffee morning.
President Una Genty thanked everyone who helped to make this event so successful.
Pictured – WI members on the plant stall – Janis Tutt, Alison Seymour, Sylvia Christie and Sue MacLeod-Nice.

Diane and

Westham Evening W.I. ladies had a thoroughly enjoyable meeting in February with the special guest Diane Page and her assistants, Margaret and Harry, from “Veg Out” catering company.
They did a cooking presentation for us of no less than five dishes ranging from Puy Lentil and Red Wine Moussaka to Chocolate, Apricot and Pecan cake. With the wonderful mouth-watering aromas wafting up from the presenter’s table, our members could not wait to try all the dishes on offer! By the end of the evening even the staunchest meat-eaters were converted and left armed with the recipe cards determined to try some dishes out the next day.

Next monthly meeting will see us celebrating our birthday and having a party with our guest, John Cave, who will entertain us with comedy songs and poetry.

Christmas Coffee Morning

An uplifting Knit and Natter

Members had been looking forward to the first meeting of the Westham Evening WI knit and natter after the long summer break. Rosemary, their hostess for the morning, had agreed to meet them at Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club as her new home was a little difficult to find. Members met up and walked to the apartment block chatting along the way. Continuing in through the security door and into the lift the 6th floor was requested. They were all quite excited to see Rosemary’s new home with stunning views over the Harbour but whilst deeply engaged in conversation the lift suddenly came to an abrupt and shuddering halt. The 6th floor was showing on the indicator but no amount of pushing would the button release them from the lift.
The emergency speaker brought a disembodied voice asking for details of their plight. The operator would try and find the nearest engineer to come and release them. Meanwhile he was asked to contact Rosemary’s husband who would be wondering what had happened. Minutes passed whilst their options were discussed – the lift wasn’t overloaded with 7 small to average women. The maximum was 10. Were they between floors? Phones wouldn’t work. How would they get out? Their small space got hotter and hotter as the minutes ticked by. The welcome sound of a human voice assured them that Rosemary’s husband was now aware of their problem. After 20 minutes with no sign of an engineer he would ring the fire brigade. Another 10 minutes passed before the arrival of the engineer who prising the lift door open enabled the entry of fresh cool air into their confined and very hot space. The lift had halted about 2-3 feet from the 6th floor platform. Hauling them out one by one the engineer assured them that the lift they were in would not have plummeted to the floor as it had many safety features.
Stunning views of Sovereign Harbour, warm hospitality with coffee and chocolate cake were very welcome after their escapade. Needless to say not a lot of knitting got done but an awful lot of nattering!!
The Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) estimated in 2010 that there were 250,000 passenger and goods lifts in the UK, and each makes multiple trips each day. The safety record is actually pretty good. Sandra Hyde

Birthday 2014

What a great evening the Catering Committee provided members and guests with at Westham Evening W.I.’s Birthday Meeting this year. A wonderful piping hot “Pub Grub” meal of butchers sausages, Yorkshire puddings and bubble and squeak went down well on a chilly spring evening. The delicious and delightfully decorated floral spring birthday cake created by Margaret made an excellent dessert with tea and coffee. We were delighted to welcome County Chairman, Kathryn Hutson to help cut the cake and celebrate the event with us.
Sandra Hyde

March Cake Club

What an AMAZING evening. We relaxed our normal non-competitive policy to find which baker is going to represent our WI in the “Cherry Ripe” class at the South of England Show in June. Alison and her right-hand woman Sylvia did a gallant job judging, narrowing down 11 cakes to 3! Ruth, Sharon and Deborah will now have to remake their cakes taking into account the judges recommendations. Phew! Sharon Lewis

Visit to the Dome, Brighton

Members of Westham Evening WI recently took a behind-the-scenes tour at the Brighton Dome.  On arrival they enjoyed refreshments in the spacious Dome Café bar with its wonderful range of pastries and seasonal dishes.

Welcomed by their tour guide Josh, he regaled them with the history of the buildings, together with anecdotes relating to visiting thespians throughout the years.  Members explored the auditorium, the stage where technicians were busy setting up equipment, orchestra pit, dressing rooms and even glimpsed the entrance to the tunnel which joins the Royal Pavilion and Dome Concert Hall.  The tour included The Corn Exchange and also The Studio Theatre.

Now a Grade 1 listed building the Dome was commissioned by the Prince of Wales (later King George IV).  With its oriental and Indian influence building began in 1803 as a stable block (now the concert hall) and riding house (the Corn Exchange).  It took five years to complete and cost over £50,000. Used as cavalry barracks it was then converted into a concert and assembly hall.  The building as seen today was created in the 1930’s.  It underwent major renovation in 1999 and can now seat 1,800 with removable stalls, and an upgraded acoustic and amplified sound system.

The tour finished with coffee and delicious cake which was included in the tour package.

Christmas 2013

Westham Evening WI celebrated Christmas 2013 with a sit down turkey meal,prepared and served by the Committee and delicious cake and gateaux deserts made by members of the recently formed Cake Club. The jazz entertainment was provided by a pianist and singer with familiar music and popular songs that we could sing along to. County Chairman Kathryn Hutson and W.I. Adviser Heather Hyrapiet were among the guests who joined President Alison Seymour and Secretary Sylvia Christie to share in the Christmas festivities.

Cake Club

Bake Cake. Eat Cake. Talk Cake and Share Cake! The recently formed and very successful Cake Club meets once a month at The Heron Pub in Westham under the leadership of Sharon Lewis. The members bake a whole cake to share on the evening and donate cakes to the local Village Pop-in held on a Wednesday morning in the Village Hall from 9.30am. The aim of the Cake Club is to provide a supportive environment – not competitive. They bake and share cakes for the love of baking. To see more about the Club and photos of their cakes just enter “www.facebook.com/Westham Evening WI Cake Club” into your search engine to see their Facebook pages and enjoy.

ESFWI County Quiz 2013

The Westham Evening WI quiz team were victorious once again, winning the County Quiz 2013 Final held at Barcombe.Congratulations to all four of them.

Quiz Winners L-R Sue Davies, Rosemary Drysdale, Liz Lash & Julie Ari
Quiz Winners L-R Sue Davies, Rosemary Drysdale, Liz Lash & Julie Ari