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This page contains information useful to WIs with hints and tips and various forms (at foot of page) which can be downloaded.

WI Resolutions 2017

Do you feel strongly about an issue? Do you want to mobilise the power of the WI to bring about change? Would you like to submit a Resolution for 2017?

These notes will help you to word your resolution in such a way that it has the maximum chance of being taken forward and adopted, and will provide a clear foundation for effective WI campaigning and activities. Stephanie Gaunt, a member of the Board of Trustees and Resolutions Adviser has compiled the attached guide for WIs who would like to put forward a Resolution for 2017.
WI Resolutions 2017

Gift Aid Guidance – Updated January 2016

Gift Aid provides a great opportunity for WI members to increase the value of their membership subscription to their own WI. The WI is able to reclaim the basic rate tax paid on the total subscription provided that:

The member is a taxpayer, and

the member does not receive benefits of more than 25% of the subscription paid. Note that for Gift Aid purposes, the provision of WI Life does not constitute a benefit, nor is the right to attend WI meetings as long as this opportunity is also available at no cost to non-members.

Helpful tips on how to calculate the value of any other membership benefits as well as registering with the HMRC are given in the document below.
Gift Aid Guidance 2016

A Simple Guide to MCS2 (Membership Communications System 2)

If you have been newly allocated the position of MCS Rep for your WI please contact Vicky at ESFWI HQ, who will create login details for you.

As the MCS Rep for your WI please check that all paid-up members are listed and that officer roles and committee positions are correctly assigned. It is important that the information stored on the MCS2 (Membership Communications System 2) is kept up to date. If you need any assistance with the MCS, please click on the attached MCS2 Guide for more information. If you do not have an MCS Rep, please contact Judy at HQ who will make the entries for you.

Please Note: If you need to add or delete dual members, this must be done by the office.
MCS2 Member Details Form

The Moodle

The Moodle is a website where you can safely view information, download documents and talk with other members, as well as learn new skills. To become a Moodle user contact your WI MCS (Membership Communication System) representative or if your WI does not have one, then contact Judy at HQ. Ask her to add your email address to your ‘basic details’ on your MCS record and allocate you as an ‘online learner’ using the drop down menu in ‘positions’. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with your username and password (check your junk mail as sometimes the email might be delivered there instead of your inbox). Please note that when you first enter an ‘open’ area, it will ask you to enrol. Click ‘yes’ and you will be allowed in.

Preparing an Annual Budget

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and six pence, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.” Mr Micawber – David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Apart from the regular month to month duties the treasurer also has additional things to do annually, such as preparing and presenting the WI budget.

A budget sets out the amount of money a WI may expect to receive over the year, and the amount of anticipated expenditure. Preparing the budget is a straightforward exercise and many of the items can be based on the previous year’s figures.

The attached FAQs and sample budget form may help in preparing your budget for the coming year.
Budget Form

The WI Guide

The WI Guide

The WI Guide

A copy of the WI guide has been given to every WI in East Sussex. Its aim is to provide information about the values and purpose of the organisation. The Guide features an introduction to the WI Brand, advice on how to have a successful WI and also includes links to useful resources on the WI Moodle and NFWI website. The Guide can introduce new WIs and new members to the organisation and also help rejuvenate existing WIs. Please ask your committee to see your WI’s copy or it can be downloaded from the Moodle.


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