East Sussex Federation

Federation Visit to Denman College 2015

PLEASE NOTE The closing date to apply to go on the Federation Visit 11-13 September has been extended to 31 March 2015. Also, the course ‘Do Ahead Dinners’ has been replaced with a Bakery Masterclass – details below. Anyone wishing to apply for this course or any of the others still available can contact ESFWI HQ for the application form and flyer showing details of the courses.

145.1966 Bakery Masterclass – Tutor: Carrie O’Regan COST – £330 including ingredients,
Concentrating on breads, biscuits and cakes, this course will help you improve your baking skills using simple but effective methods. Become more confident with baking techniques and equipment.
The course will have a mixture of practical work, demonstrations and groupwork with the opportunity to taste most of the dishes made. You will learn to make the perfect bread ring for the summer BBQ, a lemon cake, gingerbread and swiss roll for summer afternoons and of course a range of biscuits for coffee. A recipe booklet will be available to take home. No previous experience is needed, just come along and enjoy cooking in the fabulous facilities of the WI Cookery School.

Something else to enjoy in the Centenary year – our biennial visit to Denman College. This will take place from 11th to 13th September 2015. There are seven courses available and the fees quoted include coach travel to Denman, accommodation, meals and the course fee. If you have never been before this is a great opportunity to attend our very own residential college set in beautiful grounds in Marcham, near Abingdon. If you have already been on a course then Gill Nokes, our Denman Ambassador, hopes that the courses that have been chosen will tempt you to return once again. List of Courses Please contact ESFWI HQ for an application form.
Closing date for applications extended to 31 March 2015.

National Winner of Lady Denman Cup Competition 2014


Congratulations go to Stephanie Gaunt from Hastings Ore WI, who as this year’s winner of the East Sussex stage of the Lady Denman Cup, has gone on to win the National Final and will be invited to receive the Lady Denman Cup at the 2015 NFWI Annual Meeting at the Albert Hall. How fantastic for Stephanie, her WI and for ESFWI. We hope you all read her lovely poem printed below which is also printed in the November East Sussex WI News.

WHAT MY WI MEANS TO ME – Stephanie Gaunt: Hastings Ore WI
I see the women walking on the beach,
Talk and laughter snatched by the breeze, dipped by the waves,
Feet scrunching on the shingle.
Young women, old women, all shapes and sizes.
I’m there too. I belong.

A clump of sea-kale catches our attention,
We sniff foam-white flowers above dark crinkled leaves.
‘Can you eat it?’ ‘Yes, indeed,
Pick when it’s young and tender, steam like spinach.’
I listen. It’s always good to learn.

Gathering shells and wave-smoothed twigs,
We share ideas. ‘Let’s make wreaths, or pretty hanging mobiles,
Sell them at the next bazaar.’
Thinking, I hold a piece of sea-glass to the sun.
I join in. Making things is fun.

Here, shifting pebbles bank up high, too steep.
Hands reach out to help each woman make the climb.
Scrambling, we arrive together,
Laughing, shaking stones from sandals, panting, holding sides.
I help. I am helped in turn.

Now, we wander inland along the rutted track.
The village is ahead, we can almost see the café sign.
‘I’d really love a cup of tea.’
‘A scone for me, and the fruit-cake’s really good, they say.’
I like cake. I’ll enjoy a piece today.