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GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Please read the message below from NFWI regarding the upcoming changes to Data Protection regulations.

NFWI have had a number of enquiries about the forthcoming GDPR legislation and whilst we were hoping to be in a position to brief federations in late March, early April, it has become clear that our solicitors are extremely busy with issuing advice to clients. Therefore, it will not be until the beginning of May that we can expect to be able to communicate the full package of information to federations and WIs, but in the meantime, I would like to confirm the following:

Data Protection:
By now you might have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR), new EU-wide privacy legislation coming into force at the end of May. This is the biggest update to data protection law in 20 years so it is important to be aware of changes and what they mean both to the WI and for you as an individual.
What can you expect from the NFWI?

We are currently working with our solicitor to draft the necessary documentation we need to work towards GDPR compliance across the WI. From the beginning of May information will be made available to WIs and federations. This will include an updated Member Registration Form and a Data Privacy Code of Conduct, GDPR compliance guidelines tailored specifically to WIs.
What can federations/WIs do now?

Federations and WIs can familiarise themselves with the new regulation by reading the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICOs) “Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 12 steps to take now” available online at: https://ico.org.uk/media/1624219/preparing-for-the-gdpr-12-steps.pdf however we would suggest not taking any further action before guidance is issued by the NFWI.

Who can I speak to about GDPR/Data Protection?
If you have any concerns or queries you can email dataprotection@nfwi.org.uk or call the NFWI on 020 7371 9300.

East Sussex Federation Board of Trustees’ Statement

You will probably have been aware of the media interest surrounding a blog written by an East Sussex Trustee and we wish it known that the views expressed in her blog do not represent the views of the East Sussex Federation. These are personal views made in a personal blog that is not connected to East Sussex Federation in any way.

East Sussex Federation is committed to diversity and equality, and we are incredibly proud to have such a wide range of WIs within our Federation.

One of the WI’s key messages is ‘The WI is what you want it to be’, and we encourage all women to make their WI and their membership experience unique to them.

Lady Denman Cup Competition 2018

The day that changed my life ….

Using no more than 500 words (excluding main title, but to include diary date if used), the Lady Denman Cup Competition 2018 invites members to write a diary extract based on the day that changed their life.

Entrants must submit 4 copies of their entry, typed if possible, on A4 paper to their Federation Secretary (some federations may accept entries via email, please check before sending).  Any entries sent directly to the NFWI Unit without being approved by the federation, cannot be entered and will be returned to the entrant.

  • Each entry must include a total word count; entries with over 500 words will not be accepted and will be returned to the Federation Secretary. It is the responsibility of the federation to ensure that all entries submitted have the correct word count.
  • Please note that entries will be judged in the first instance at federation level and up to three entries from each federation can go forward to the national competition.
  • Closing date for entries to be at ESFWI HQ, Falcon Way, Hailsham BN27 1HY is 18 June 2018.  Application Form

Email:  hq@esfwi.org.uk

  • All entries at federation and at national level will receive critiques by the Judges.
  • No correspondence will be entered into after the competition.