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AT LAST – A new location in the East of the County for ESFWI Arts and Crafts events

As from the start of 2019 we’ll be adding yet another venue to our list for regular Craft and Art workshops. We know that members in the east of our county may have felt a bit neglected when it comes to workshops, and now we are able to respond. We will be using Pett Village Hall, off the A259 just east of Hastings. It is a lovely modern hall, very well equipped, with plenty of parking on-site (and it has an excellent pub next door!)

The first event at Pett will be Making Willow Animals and Birds, on Saturday 23 February. The details of this workshop, plus a downloadable application form, can be found on the Events page of this site.

Please support these events so we can continue this initiative.

Two great ‘Mid-Centenary’ events for ESFWI this summer.

This is the famous Flower Carpet in the Grand Place in Brussels, enjoyed by a group of WI members on a Federation trip in August.

‘Mid-Centenary’? Yes – we have two rounds of centenary celebrations here in East Sussex. In 1917 the original Sussex Federation of Womens’ Institutes was founded, and in 1919 that Federation split to form what are now the East and West Sussex Federations. We celebrated with events in 2017, and have more to come in 2019.

This summer, in June, we organised a major camping event for WI members, ‘WI Goes Wild’. Over 200 women from across the country enjoyed a fabulous sunny weekend filled with activities, learning and laughter in the beautiful Ashdown Forest near East Grinstead. WGW was  entirely organised by volunteers from the East Sussex Federation – the first such event to be organised by a Federation.  Although we had aimed the event to particularly attract our younger members, many of the more senior ladies joined in enthusiastically as well. Eighty-year olds on the zip wire? Yes, of course, why not! We are the WI!

In August our second major event saw a smaller, but equally enthusiastic group enjoy a weekend in Brussels and Bruges, again organised and led by volunteers from the Federation. Everyone seems to have had a great time.

Please be patient with us!

Over the summer period we are changing to a new Website Editor.
This means that this site will not be as up-to-date as you normally expect it to be. We’ll try to get new events added, but in the meantime, don’t forget to check in the printed WI News, or look at the postings all WI secretaries receive each month. You’ll find application forms for events in the back of the News, and in the postings.
If you want to add material to your WI page, please email it to the WI office.
We expect normal service to be resumed by 1 September.
We hope you are enjoying the summer sun!

Data Protection Consent Form Notes

Data Protection Consent Form Notes

The Data Protection Consent form will help WIs ensure they are complying with new GDPR requirements which came into effect May 25th 2018.
The form is designed to be simple and easy to alter to suit your WI, but these notes have been written to help with any queries. An electronic version can be downloaded from the WI Advisor section on the ESFWI website.
If you need any help or are not able to alter the Data Protection Consent Form to suit your own WI, please contact Vicky Booth at the Federation office, who can help with simple queries or will ask a WI Advisor to contact you to help.
You may need to add to or remove any of the blue parts to say what happens in your own WI. You should already be doing the parts written in black.

Data Protection Consent Form Guidance Notes

A copy of these notes was sent to all WIs in the July Posting.

East Sussex Federation Board of Trustees’ Statement

You will probably have been aware of the media interest surrounding a blog written by an East Sussex Trustee and we wish it known that the views expressed in her blog do not represent the views of the East Sussex Federation. These are personal views made in a personal blog that is not connected to East Sussex Federation in any way.

East Sussex Federation is committed to diversity and equality, and we are incredibly proud to have such a wide range of WIs within our Federation.

One of the WI’s key messages is ‘The WI is what you want it to be’, and we encourage all women to make their WI and their membership experience unique to them.