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Data Protection Consent Form Notes

Data Protection Consent Form Notes

The Data Protection Consent form will help WIs ensure they are complying with new GDPR requirements which came into effect May 25th 2018.
The form is designed to be simple and easy to alter to suit your WI, but these notes have been written to help with any queries. An electronic version can be downloaded from the WI Advisor section on the ESFWI website.
If you need any help or are not able to alter the Data Protection Consent Form to suit your own WI, please contact Vicky Booth at the Federation office, who can help with simple queries or will ask a WI Advisor to contact you to help.
You may need to add to or remove any of the blue parts to say what happens in your own WI. You should already be doing the parts written in black.

Data Protection Consent Form Guidance Notes

A copy of these notes was sent to all WIs in the July Posting.

East Sussex Federation Board of Trustees’ Statement

You will probably have been aware of the media interest surrounding a blog written by an East Sussex Trustee and we wish it known that the views expressed in her blog do not represent the views of the East Sussex Federation. These are personal views made in a personal blog that is not connected to East Sussex Federation in any way.

East Sussex Federation is committed to diversity and equality, and we are incredibly proud to have such a wide range of WIs within our Federation.

One of the WI’s key messages is ‘The WI is what you want it to be’, and we encourage all women to make their WI and their membership experience unique to them.

Lady Denman Cup Competition 2018

The day that changed my life ….

Using no more than 500 words (excluding main title, but to include diary date if used), the Lady Denman Cup Competition 2018 invites members to write a diary extract based on the day that changed their life.

Entrants must submit 4 copies of their entry, typed if possible, on A4 paper to their Federation Secretary (some federations may accept entries via email, please check before sending).  Any entries sent directly to the NFWI Unit without being approved by the federation, cannot be entered and will be returned to the entrant.

  • Each entry must include a total word count; entries with over 500 words will not be accepted and will be returned to the Federation Secretary. It is the responsibility of the federation to ensure that all entries submitted have the correct word count.
  • Please note that entries will be judged in the first instance at federation level and up to three entries from each federation can go forward to the national competition.
  • Closing date for entries to be at ESFWI HQ, Falcon Way, Hailsham BN27 1HY is 18 June 2018.  Application Form

Email:  hq@esfwi.org.uk

  • All entries at federation and at national level will receive critiques by the Judges.
  • No correspondence will be entered into after the competition.

South of England Show 2018 – Catering

The South of England Show takes place on Thursday 7th, Friday 8th & Saturday 9th June 2018.

We couldn’t put on such a successful and enjoyable refreshment stall for visitors to the show without the generous, enthusiastic and knowledgeable help of the members of East & West Sussex WIs. This month’s posting to your WI secretary includes the annual requests for cakes and helpers for the South of England Show. Recipes for the Cakes required
In the past the catering has been managed by an organising committee, unfortunately due to a variety of reason we don’t have a committee in place for 2018, just a small group of members happy to chip in and contribute a small task to the bigger project.

However, this means we will need more help from members this year, such as
 helpers on Tuesday 5th and Wed 6th to help set up,
 helpers to man (or rather woman) collection points for cakes across the two counties
 and if any creative members can help us update some of the show signs that would be a great help.

If you might be interested in helping in any way or would just like to know more before committing yourself, please contact hq@esfwi.test or 01323 442592 or come along to our meeting at Hailsham HQ on Tuesday 6th March at 7pm.

Report on Federation Annual Meeting 2018

The Federation’s Annual Meeting was held this year at The Hastings Centre, the Ridge, Hastings TN34 2SA  on Wednesday 21 March 2018 from 1.30 – 4.30 pm (doors open at 11.30 am)

Our main speaker: Tom Hart-Dyke from Lullingstone Castle. Tom Hart Dyke first shot to international prominence in the year 2000, when he was kidnapped in the Colombian jungle on a plant hunting expedition that went dangerously wrong. The idea for The World Garden was born in the depths of despair in the Colombian jungle and since his release Tom has been busy building the now renowned ‘World’ in his back garden at Lullingstone Castle.  His fascinating talk about his experiences and his knowledge and love of plants were greatly enjoyed by all those members who attended.

Sam Taylor, Editor of ‘The Lady’ magazine and local resident entertained the meeting with a delightful presentation and talk about howThe Lady is Britain’s longest-running weekly women’s magazine, being in continuous publication since 1885 and specialising in quirky, entertaining and informative features and quality writing. Sam Taylor became the magazine’s eleventh editor in August 2015.

Members browsed around the various stalls:
ESFWI Centenary Mugs, WI Stationery, SoE Display, Fairtrade Gifts, ACWW, Craft & Art, Food & Garden, Leisure & Learning, Denman, The Raffle and lovely baskets provided by WIs. Join the 300 Club and take part in the Denman Dip.


There were reports from the Honorary Treasurer, Kim Dunn, from Dorothy Proietti giving an update on ACWW and a very amusing and informative talk from the Federation Chair, Gill Nokes.

Certificates were presented to WIs achieving their Centenaries as well as to other WIs for various achievements and also to winners from the South of England Show and other events.  The County Cup was accepted by Kathryn Hutson on behalf of Preston Village WI.

It was a very enjoyable meeting in a new venue which everyone agreed had been very satisfactory and one which could be used again.