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Beading Treasure Trove ACWW Raffle

Through Toni’s initiative of the incredibly successful ‘Christmas Crumbs’ event for ACWW she met a lovely lady called Eleanor. Although not a WI member, Eleanor became very interested in the event which she wanted to support. Her very generous donation to Toni was an amazing array of beading equipment, which Eleanor is delighted to have raffled for ACWW, as one bumper prize. The lucky winner will receive the beading loom, a great assortment of beads, beading accessories and several books to help make beautiful beading items. There are also ‘practice pieces’ and the loom has been left ‘warped up’ ready for you to begin! So a huge thank you to Toni and Eleanor for the lovely prize.

Where to buy raffle tickets? -Tickets are on sale at HQ, £1 each, (where photographs of the Beading set are available). The beading set will also be displayed at the ACWW table at the ESFWI Annual Meeting on 29th March. All proceeds will go to ACWW projects. The present project is number 1015 The Romania Art Project – Women will be taught art techniques in order to create cards. They will also learn business skills and they will be responsible for helping to advertise and sell their own products locally.

When will the raffle be drawn? – The draw will take place when we have sold tickets to cover at least our latest ACWW project, the outstanding amount being £199. The challenge is to reach this target by the ESFWI Annual Meeting on 29th March and therefore be able to draw the winning ticket. There is one prize of the complete Beading set.
Should we raise additional funds then this will go towards another ACWW project that will be chosen at the next Board of Trustee meeting.