East Sussex Federation

Centenary Link Baton

2015 is the Centenary of the WI.  On 1 January 2014 the Centenary Baton started its eighteen month journey in Anglesey, where the first WI was formed in England and Wales.  It will travel throughout all the federations finishing in London at the NFWI AGM 2015.  East Sussex will receive the baton from Kent-East-Kent Federation on 16th December 2014 when we will upload pictures onto a memory stick contained in the baton before passing it on to West Sussex Federation.  These pictures should give an overview of our Federation, a mixture of members, landmarks, buildings, scenery, people, work etc. whatever really depicts the heart of our Federation.
If any of your photographs have pictures of people on them it is very important that you have asked their permission to use their photo as, once submitted to NFWI, the photo becomes the property of NFWI and could be used for marketing or publicity purposes as well as copies being made.
Please start taking photographs which will be required at HQ by 1st November to enable the Board to select the twelve photographs which best represent our Federation.
You can follow the baton’s progress and see the pictures sent in by other Federations.
Picture supplied by North Shore Photography