East Sussex Federation

East Sussex Federation of WIs Annual Meeting 25 March 2020 – CORONAVIRUS

After a great deal of discussion the East Sussex Board of Trustees have taken the decision to postpone the ESFWI Annual Meeting until Wednesday 30 September 2020.     This decision was taken entirely with the health of the WI members in mind and taking into consideration that some members will be wondering whether they should attend, especially if they have any health issues.

The meeting will remain the same as advertised and has just been moved six months down the line.   All Delegates’ and Observers’ Agendas (tickets) and lunch vouchers will still be valid for the new date, so members should retain these tickets to use at the September meeting.

Anyone who is unable/does not wish to attend the postponed meeting should return their Agenda and lunch voucher (if applicable) to ESFWI HQ and we will refund their payment. As we had filled all the places for the March meeting any returned agendas can then be offered for sale to other members.

Should a WI Delegate be unable to attend they can pass on their Agenda to another member to take their place and they do not need to notify ESFWI.

We are so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and your WI and hope that all those who applied for the March meeting will still be able to join us in September.