East Sussex Federation

For the Love of

The NFWI is a founding member of The Climate Coalition (TCC), a group of over 100 organisations and over 15 million people working for action on climate change. One of the TCC core campaigns is focussed around Valentine’s Day, and is called ‘For the love of…’. This campaign aims to show people that climate change is affecting the things in their life that they love, such as chocolate, bees and beaches, and it asks millions of people to wear and share green hearts to show that they would like to see action on climate change. Last Valentine’s Day green hearts connected millions of people, and this resulted in an historic pledge from the leaders of all three main political parties to take action on climate change. This year NFWI are aiming for an even greater impact, and they would like to do so through encouraging members across the country to make, wear and share green hearts, and to hold green heart making workshops across the country.

With the WI’s reputation for crafting NFWI are hoping that WI members will host many green heart crafting sessions across the country. These sessions would allow members to come together to create hearts that can be worn on Valentine’s Day and it would also give them the opportunity to start a conversation about climate change. NFWI are encouraging anyone holding workshop sessions to invite their MP along and to invite the local press. NFWI will be offering as much support as possible to members, as well as highlighting the workshops nationally across all the TCC channels. NFWI have been talking to the National Trust and Oxfam, and both organizations have invited members to approach their properties as venues for workshops, so please do take advantage of this offer wherever possible. Many other organisations will also be encouraging their members to get involved with the sessions so please get involved locally with others as appropriate. A green heart making workshop doesn’t need to be elaborate, however, with the involvement of a range of organisations generating local and national coverage, it will show MPs that there is great support for change and that they should lobby the government to make it happen.