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Public affairs

The WI is a campaigning organisation, and has been since its foundation in 1915

We have recently formed a Public Affairs Committee at ESFWI with the aims of helping our members to understand the campaigns the WI supports, and to help WI groups and individuals to work on these campaigns in their own communities.

Two new resolutions passed at the 2019 Annual Meeting

Over 96% of delegates at the WI Annual Meeting in Bournemouth on 5th June voted to pass a resolution aimed at tackling the decline in local bus services.

The resolution, proposed by Burniston and Cloughton WI in North Yorkshire East Federation calls for the WI to lobby for more funding and work in partnership with bus companies and local authorities to improve services.

We want to hear from members who live in communities that have experienced cuts to bus services or where services are under threat. We are also keen to hear from members who have managed to save their services or develop new ways of making them sustainable. Do get in touch using the details below!

A resolution calling for action to tackle declining take up of cervical cancer screening was also supported by 97% of delegates.

In England and Wales women aged 25-49 are invited for cervical screening every three years, and those aged 50-64 are invited every five years. But attendance rates are currently at a 21 year low.

The resolution, put forward by Disley WI, Cheshire Federation, calls for WI members to attend their own screening appointments, to raise awareness of the issue and to tackle the barriers to attendance.

The NFWI will now develop a full campaign plan to enable members to take action locally and nationally to help raise screening rates. More information will be available in the August mailing, which every WI Secretary receives.

Climate change – ESFWI Climate Change Ambassadors start warming up!

Six of East Sussex Federation’s Climate Change Ambassadors got together at the Hailsham Headquarters, to get to know each other and discuss how best to work together.  Our role will be to help WI’s understand Climate Change and develop practical actions to help local communities cope with it.

Each of us shared how we had got involved in the Climate Change Campaign.  Some had felt strongly about the environment since school days, others had made positive changes in their lives as a result of recent events.  One CCA has developed a resolution for next year’s NFWI Annual Meeting, watch this space!

We discussed the resources we have at hand, including the materials provided by NFWI.  Each of us has a network of contacts, via the WI and in our families and local communities.  They can help us in our role with skills and information.  There is a great deal of overlap between Climate Change initiatives and the existing WI Campaigns such as Litter, Fair Trade, Pollution, Food Waste and Local Buses.

In the near future, we shall be sharing information on the ESFWI Website and on Facebook and testing an activity at the Brighton Belles WI.  Look out for messages from the CCA’s and Public Affairs at NFWI.

Our picture shows clockwise from the top left, Rosie English(East Dean & Friston), Susan Wilson(Beckley), Sue Margolis(Brighton Belles), Ann Majic(Brighton Belles), Margaret Plank(Seaford Martello) and Angie Lintott(Ovingdean).  Not Present: Tina Cox (Seaford)



If you have any questions or comments about Public Affairs please get in contact with Lee Ede, Sharon Hamby or Stephanie Gaunt via ESFWI HQ.

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