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Public affairs

The WI is a campaigning organisation, and has been since its foundation in 1915

We have recently formed a Public Affairs Committee at ESFWI with the aims of helping our members to understand the campaigns the WI supports, and to help WI groups and individuals to work on these camnpaigns in their own communities.

Proposed Resolutions 2019

One of our Resolutions Advisers, Lee Ede, writes:

‘In October, on behalf of East Sussex, I attended the Resolution Selection meeting hosted by the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) in London, along with others from Federations and National. I met some ‘Daisies’ from the Facebook group and ended up sitting next to the West Sussex representative. What a coincidence!
We had 66 proposed resolutions to work through and with background information provided from the Public Affairs team at NFWI and much debate across the room, by the afternoon the long list was reduced to 13.
We had one resolution submission from our Federation – from Bodle Street Green WI. Unfortunately it didn’t make it to the short list.
I was so proud to hear such passionate, informed debate about all of the topics covered by the resolutions and how if adopted, they could be acted on by individual members, WIs, Federations & National.
From the 13, 6 made the shortlist for 2019. Further details of these can be found in your WI LIfe or on the NFWI website. Here is the link.
1) Improving plant biosecurity in the UK
2) Trees – Improving the natural landscape
3) Pelvic floor education
4) Suffering in silence, end the taboo around menstrual health
5) A call against the decline in local bus services
6) Don’t fear the smear

Before February 2019,  you will vote on your preferred resolution in your WI. Take part in a resolution discussion, talk about them with your WI friends and have a look at the NFWI website.
If you have any questions or comments about the resolution process please get in contact with me, Sharon Hamby or Stephanie Gaunt via ESFWI HQ.

2019 – Key campaign dates