East Sussex Federation

Public affairs

The WI is a campaigning organisation, and has been since its foundation in 1915

We have recently formed a Public Affairs Committee at ESFWI with the aims of helping our members to understand the campaigns the WI supports, and to help WI groups and individuals to work on these camnpaigns in their own communities.

Two resolutions to go forward to the 2019 Annual Meetng this year

A call against the decline in local bus services

Over the last decade there has been a massive decline in the number of bus services, particularly of those in rural and semi-rural areas. In order to alleviate loneliness, improve health and wellbeing, as well as promoting sustainable development, the NFWI calls on the government and local authorities to increase subsidies and work in partnership with bus companies and community transport operators to enable an adequate provision of services.

Don’t fear the Smear

Cervical screening saves around 5,000 lives a year, yet attendance is currently at its lowest for a decade. The NFWI urges WI members to attend routine screening, to take action to rise awareness of the importance of cervical screening and address barriers to attendance to help eradicate cervical cancer.

Next steps:


  • WIs should now consider how they wish their delegate to vote at the Annual Meeting.
  • All WIs get one vote per resolution – for or against.
  • WIs may give their delegate discretion to decide how to vote after hearing the speakers’ presentations for and against the resolutions and the debate at the Annual Meeting. Please ensure your WI makes it clear to your delegate whether you are granting her discretion.


If you have any questions or comments about the resolution process please get in contact with Lee Ede, Sharon Hamby or Stephanie Gaunt via ESFWI HQ.

2019 – Key campaign dates